Collection: All PNG Designs

When purchasing files from me, full disclosure here:

I use clip art and graphic packs I purchase either thru Etsy or other reputable graphic designers that allow the use of their designs to be made into digital seamless files and redistributed. If I purchase a graphic pack. I have no idea if that’s the original designer of those graphics. But, just purchasing the graphic pack with a commercial use license attached allows me to use the graphics in my designs as I’m ultimately making the background and the file it self so these files are literally my own files. The graphics used are from numerous graphics packs I have purchased and spent money on to use and out of numerous apps I use to create my files. If you have a problem with a file or files feel free to contact me directly. If you can provide proof that the graphic is your original design and doesn’t have a right to use clause attached then I will remove the file. But without that I’m in my boundaries to be able to redistribute.

I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THESE GRAPHICS, unless I have a commercial license to redistribute which I do for all of my files! 😁 

You will also have to disclose to me your license that you have permission to own TM graphics. For example, if you jump me for Ghostface, you better have a right to use license from the original creator of that character.

Simple! Sweet! So shop Simply Sweet! 💕 

Commerical licensing requirements will be posted as soon as I get everything price wise typed up! If you have any of my drives you’re good to go those come with commercial licenses ❤️ even if you snagged my drives on sale you’re good! But… those sales I warned were coming to be slim to none!