Collection: Rompers

Upload any seamless file or files to be used for your outfit. If you have coordinating solids that you want to be used you can upload those as well. If you have a png sub graphic image that you want on it you would need to upload that as well. (use the notes section on your order) Your TAT WILL NOT start until the fabric arrives to me (roughly 7-10 business days upon ordering your fabric)

Always Check The Current TAT on the homepage as that is more accurate than the TAT on my descriptions

No more than about 10-14 business days after your fabric arrives for your outfit to be complete and shipped to you. Transit time IS NOT included in the TAT.

Any questions feel free to text me at (501) 548-5582

Fabric is ordered on the 1st & 15th of the month.  

There’s a 4 item limit. Max of 4. Minimum of 1. I’m only taking 15 custom orders when customs are active. Only one order per person. Lounge sets count as 2 items.