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Simply Sweet Threads & Designs

Cardigan Duster

Cardigan Duster

True to size fit

95% Polyester 5% Spandex

Machine Wash Cold Water

Do Not Bleach or Iron

Dry on gentle with medium heat

Do Not Use Fabric Softner!

FYI & Full Disclosure
Cardigan Dusters May Have Snap Accents On Them Depending On The Print. This Will Only Be On Size 3T & Up. No snap accents will be on sizes 2T & under as they’re a choking hazard. Even on sizes 3T and above they are choking hazards so use in your best interest. 

These snap accents add a pop of decor to solid duster cardigans and some printed cardigans. These are used for decor only and they do not close the outfit at all. 

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